Competition for the best looking Blackhawk home is tough. Everyone is always trying to find the newest and most expensive statement piece to add to their Bay Area living room. Unfortunately not everyone can afford all the finest things for your home but that doesn’t mean you can’t fake it. Here are 6 tricks to make your Danville home look more expensive.

Consider Crown Molding

Crown molding isn’t necessarily the first thing that you think of when it comes to making your Bay Area home look more expensive but crown molding can add character and depth to any room. The crown molding hides the joints between the ceiling and wall. One way to make the crown molding stand out and grab more attention is by painting it a different color than that of your Danville home walls. White is a good clean bright color that stands out especially when you have a wall color a light shade of green or brown.

Paint the Garage Doors

Adding a new coat of paint can do wonders for the appearance of the outside of your Danville home or San Ramon house. You can take it one step further by painting on faux windows so that it appears to have a barn door appearance from a distance.

Give Laminate a Shot

Laminate floors have come a long way in the recent years. It has now become the norm to not be able to tell the difference between laminate wood floor and hardwood floors because they have gotten so close in appearance. If you have old floors that you want to replace but you don’t have the funds to spring for the high end stuff then give laminate floors a shot. They give a modern and expensive feel and most people won’t be able to tell the difference.

Give Lighting an Upgrade

How can lighting possibly make a difference? Surprisingly the style, shape, and color of the lighting fixture can greatly impact the appearance of a room. Thanks to companies like Wayfair and amazon there are so many resources out there for finding modern and expensive looking fixtures for a great deal.

Give the Floor a Coat of Paint

The floors you ask? Yes the floors! You can add an expensive high end feel to your Blackhawk home by painting your old wooden or laminate floors. You can opt to use porch paint as it is more durable for floors that are going to get a high amount of foot traffic.

Turn White into Silver

One component that makes a Bay Area home seem expensive is the silver shine of kitchen appliances.  So you have a budget that won’t allow for purchasing a brand new stainless steel refrigerator, simply buy some metallic silver paint and paint the handles and sides of your current refrigerator and you automatically add a more luxurious feel to your home.