Before packing up the boxes and moving out of your home in the Bay Area take a look at this list of the top items that get damaged in a move. You can make sure that you are better prepared for moving out of your Danville home or San Ramon home.

  • For some our homes become our own private art gallery. The walls of our Alamo home are filled with our own favorite paintings, photographs, and sculptures. Many of these items carry a significant value and are one of the most common things that are damaged in a move. Make sure that the boxes chosen to put the pieces of art in do not have any “free space” and make sure they are properly wrapped and secured. Any free space leads to movement of the piece which more times than known leads to damage. The perfect boxes for moving art can be found at your local Bay Area home improvement store.

Tip: If moving a piece or art with a glass frame, before wrapping it in bubble wrap and putting it into a special artwork box, make an X with masking tape across the glass to help ensure that the glass stays in place and does not crack during the move.

  • Lamp Shades. When you are moving out of your Danville house or Alamo home you probably can’t count on one hand the number of lamps with lamp shades that you need to try and move. These can come in array of different shapes and sizes. These most commonly get crushed or torn during the process of moving out of your Bay Area home.

Tip: It is best to wrap the lamp shades inside and out with bubble wrap and making sure to cover every inch of the shade. This will help provide extra protection. Next, make sure that the inside is filled with packing paper. It is best to avoid using Bay Area newspapers as the ink could rub off onto the lamp shade. The packing paper will help secure the lamp shade and stop it from shifting around in the box.

  • We all want to avoid the 7 years bad luck that come with breaking a mirror. Not everyone moves the mirrors out of their Bay Area home but for those that do, it is crucial to make sure it is secured and protected. You cannot just place the mirror in a picture box and expect it stay secure.

Tip: Use a picture box that is close in size to the mirror and line the bottom with crumpled packing paper. This packing paper could be your local Bay Area newspaper as there is no concern regarding the ink coming off. Be sure to wrap the mirror in multiple layers of bubble wrap. You want to make sure every square inch of the mirror is wrapped and protected. It is best to tape the bubble wrap around it to ensure there is no shift. Do not try to load more than one mirror in a box.

  • Drinking Glasses. This is the most common item to break when moving out of your Bay Area home. People generally have cupboards full of these and can’t seem to find the best way to pack them and ensure they will all arrive in one piece.

Tip:  Use a dish-pack box to transport your glasses. These boxes have walls that are double the thickness of traditional boxes and will help provide greater support and protection.  These boxes again can be found at your local Bay Area home improvement store. You want to roll the glasses in packing paper making sure that it you wrap the sides of the packing paper into the glass to help provide better protection. After doing this for a few layers make sure to mark the outside of the paper with a sharpie and label it what it is. This will help ensure that when you are unpacking the boxes in your newly purchased San Ramon home that you don’t accidently discard the glass. After labeling, put the glasses vertically in the box and then place a layer or crumped packing paper across it and then repeat this until the box is full. Fill any empty gaps with packing paper. You want to make sure that there is as little movement as possible in the box.