Before you can find your Bay Area dream home you have to first find a Danville Realtor. This isn’t a decision you should take lightly. You want to make sure you pick a San Ramon agent that is going to make sure you find the right house based on location, price, and negotiation skills. Here are 8 questions that you should ask a Realtor before hiring them.

What cities do you specialize in?

It is important to have an agent that knows the area that you are trying to purchase in. They will have greater knowledge of Danville schools, amenities, and home prices. An Alamo agent that specializes in cities around the Tri-Valley will be better suited to answer all your questions.

How long have you been in the business?

A Blackhawk agent that has been in the business for a while is going to not only know neighborhood trends but is going to be seasoned in negotiations. Negotiations are a huge part of the Danville home buying processes. You need to have an agent who knows how to guide you through the process while being able to go to bat for you when it comes time for negotiation.

Can you explain the process to me?

Asking your agent this question will not only give insight into what buying your Danville home will be like but will let you see how detail oriented and knowledgeable the agent is.  This is a great time to ask questions about anything the process that you want more clarification on. It will give you more assurance through your Danville home buying process.

What strategy do you plan to use to find me my home?

As a buyer it is important to find out how your agent plans to get you the Danville home or San Ramon home that you want. Ask them how they will search for your home. How do you handle multiple offers? What strategy do they use for presenting offers? Do they present them in person or over the phone?

How many homes am I likely to see?

This question will give you an idea what the market looks like in Danville or San Ramon.  Have this answer will better prepare you for the home buying process. You are less likely to get discouraged throughout the process because you are aware of what lies ahead.

Do you have references?

Realtors have moved to the internet as a source of referrals. Sites like Zillow and Yelp are great places to find out what passed clients think of your Danville Realtor.

What are three things that set you apart from other Bay Area Realtors?

A great agent will have an answer for this without hesitation they will be confident in their ability to find you your Danville dream home.

Will I get time to read all the disclosures ahead of time?

A good Danville agent will give you access to as many of the disclosures that you can expect to see up front and take the time to explain them to you.  When buying a Danville home or San Ramon home there are a variety of disclosures that will need to be signed by all parties of the transaction.

After asking these 8 questions you should feel confident in the choice for your Danville Realtor.  If you do not feel the agent answered your questions and eased any concern then try interviewing other Bay Area Realtors until you the find the right fit!