Making the decision on whether to renovate or to sell is one that shouldn’t be taken lightly. There are so many things to take into consideration to decide what the right option for you is.  Before you start taking down walls and turning your home into a construction zone, take the time to really evaluate how you utilize every room, is this house going to work for you for the next five years, is it in your budget to the remodel you want, do you have the money to buy a home in your budget that gives you the space you are looking for?

Take the Home Tour

This might sound funny to take a tour of your own home; you have lived in your Bay Area home now for 5 years you are pretty sure you know it well. That may be true but in order to really evaluate if a renovation is the answer to your Blackhawk home you need to go room by room and analyze the potential and use.  This isn’t a tour of your Bay Area home that you do just once, no for best results tour your home in different seasons, and see how the difference in alight and the seasons affect every room. Is there too much light making it too warm in the summer? Is there a way to keep the heat out of your Blackhawk home? Looking at each space that you are considering remodeling in your Danville home or Blackhawk home with this perspective and your eyes will be opened to what can and can’t be fixed with a remodel.

Visualize Your 5 Year Plan

What can be a big determining factor in whether you should trade up or remodel your current Bay Area home is what your plans are for the next 5 years. Are you thinking of expanding you Bay Area family but a child or two? Are considering getting a pet? Are your parents or in-laws getting to a point where they may need to move in to your Blackhawk home or Bay Area home with you? Remodeling your house might solve your short term goals but will it serve your long term? If you are planning on having more kids that’s going to need an extra bedroom, is your house conducive to creating an extra room? Or will your Bay Area home become too cramped after a couple of years? Don’t just look at the house itself; analyze the neighborhood and your backyard. Will your Blackhawk home still function and work for you in the next 5 years?

What’s the Budget?

One thing determining if it is even possible to make the changes you want is the budget. How much is the remodel of your Blackhawk home going to cost? Is it going to add more value to your Bay Area home? It is important to note whether you are remodeling a Blackhawk home, San Ramon home, or Danville home you won’t necessarily get back in the value of the home what you spent. Many assume that because you spent $X amount of dollars on a project that you will get that amount and more when it comes to resale. When you break it down and look at the numbers, consider what type of other Bay Area home you could afford if you sold your Blackhawk home now and moved to a bigger home with more of the aspects that you are looking for. If pros of moving outweigh that of the Bay Area remodel then that is your answer.

So many Bay Area residents are quick to jump into a remodel before they realize what actually goes into and that things don’t always turn out exactly how they wanted. Take the extra time and really determine what the best option for you both, currently and in the future. Does is make sense to remodel your Blackhawk home or move to a new Bay Area home?