When your offer for your Blackhawk home has been accepted the next steps are to do your due diligence and make sure you are buying a Danville house that isn’t going to fall down the next day.  These are not necessarily essential for your Alamo Loan Officer to complete your Danville Home Loan, it is imperative to give you piece of mind.  What are the different types of inspections that are available to you?

Pest Inspection

The number one inspection to get when buying a Blackhawk home or Danville house is a pest inception.  A pest inspection will show you if there are any termites, powder post beetles, and dry rot. These are the key items that could cost a lot of money to fix. Make sure this is an inspection that you instruct your Bay Area Realtor you would like to get.

Property Inspection

A property inspection is when you have a professional come in and does visual inspection of your Blackhawk home. This is generally a long inspection to make sure to a lot at least 2-3 hours. You should already have an idea on what visual items need fixing in the Blackhawk home because you have read the disclosures provided to you by the sellers.

Chimney Inspection

Not all Bay Area homes have chimneys but if they do it is a good idea to get all of them looked at. An inspector can check for any crumbling brick and see if there are any potential hazards that are developing.

Lead Based Paint

If the Blackhawk home was built prior to 1978 consider getting a lead based paint inspection done. They can come in and test the paint and if lead is found a licensed professional can remove it.

Foundation Inspection

If there feels like there is a slight slant in a room or appears to be cracks in the walls of the Blackhawk home then get a specialist in to take a look at the foundation. Foundation issues mean big bucks! If you have a fear that there is something wrong with the foundation in the Bay Area home it is a must to get a foundation inspection.

Roof Inspection

In the Bay Area when it rains it seems to pour! Make sure that you are not purchasing a new Blackhawk home with roof damage.  This is an inspection that you can try to get scheduled at the same time as the pest inspection and property inspection. You will receive a detailed report with an assessment of the cost for any damages.

Pool Inspection

A pool inspector will be able to check for leaks and give you a life expectancy that is left on the Bay Area pool.

Heating and Air Inspection

If you are purchasing an older Bay Area home it is a good idea to get the heating and cooling systems checked out. They can come out and make sure that it is function correctly and whether it might need replacing.

These are just a handful of different types of inspections that you can get. When you are purchasing a Blackhawk home or a Danville home talk to your Bay Area Realtor about the concerns you have and what inspections may be best.